CTE at FRC offers Pathways to Possibilities!

What is CTE and why is it Important?

Career Technical Education at Feather River College 
is helping develop a skilled, sustainable workforce for American business and industry.

CTE programs at Feather River college are preparing a highly skilled, sustainable, world-class workforce with the technical expertise, work ethic and employability skills that American business and industry need to remain globally competitive. CTE is aligned with the interests of business and industry—and the interests of our nation.

Baby boomers will be retiring at the rate of thousands per day over the next two decades.

Experts predict 47 million job openings in the decade ending 2018. About one-third will require an associate's degree or certificate, and nearly all will require real-world skills that can be mastered through CTE.

CTE actively partners with employers to design and provide high-quality, dynamic programs.

CTE understands that business and industry is the ultimate "customer" for CTE graduates. A fundamental goal of CTE is developing partnerships with business and industry to design programs founded in the standards students must meet to compete in the job market. Through advisory committees, internships, teacher externships, workplace experiences and other interaction, employers have the opportunity to share information regarding expectations, technical requirements and workplace behavior—driving innovation and world-class performance.

CTE is providing the technical knowledge required for leadership and innovation. Technology is integral to the curriculum in CTE programs, just as it is integral to virtually every career, business and industry in the 21st Century. CTE programs are using technology to not only deliver effective education, but also to teach students how to use technology to solve problems, communicate and collaborate more effectively, and improve performance and productivity.

CTE is driving quality and consistency to meet employer expectations.  CTE leadership across the nation is collaborating to establish even more rigorous core technical standards and programs of study designed to improve the consistency and quality of CTE across America. The goal: To assure business and industry that CTE programs are developing people with the credentials, skill attainment, technical knowledge and clear understanding of the expectations of the workplace needed to keep employers productive and competitive.
Grant Funding Good for Community
Several federal and state grants secured by FRC allow expanded educational options for students in elementary school through college and beyond.

Our goals for CTE at Feather River College Include:
1. Sequencing 7-16 Career Development and College Exploration

2.  Expanding Pathways in:
Agriculture and Natural Resources
Food Services/Hospitality
Hospitality, Tourism and Recreation
Early Childhood Development

3.  Provide Professional Externships in Industry to assist teachers in discovering the needs of our local employers.

4.  Subsidize Professional Development for teachers and counselors to attend conferences and receive professional training to integrate academic and career prep skills and curriculum mapping/development.

5.  Foster linkages between communities, parents, students, administrators, counselors, secondary and post-secondary educators, and economic development/business partners.
Entrepreneurship is a CTE Program.  
FRC is actively building an entrepreneurial pathway through all four PUSD high schools and at Feather River College.
Food Service and Hospitality
 is a CTE Program.
Early Childhood Development
is a CTE Program.
Natural Resources is a CTE Program.